How we work


Ideas, script writing and paperwork 


We start with a thorough conversation about what you need to say. A film can do things other media can’t. But purpose and strategy are crucial. Together we define the goals.


We then move on to an outline and discuss the scope and costs. When you are happy with these, we give you a simple contract and ask for a 50% deposit. The film is now in pre-production, and a delivery date is set.


Next comes the gritty bit. We nail down the style and give you a storyboard – this is the first time you get a taste of how your visual message might look.


Once happy, next comes the script. We listen carefully and using your words, help knit the message to the visual imagery.


Lights, Camera, Action!  

With scripts, storyboards and locations finalised we are almost ready to go. We structure the filming day(s), rehearse the presentation style for you and any contributors, and plan logistics. We are now ready to shoot. A filming day is hard work but always fun.

A film crew can be a distraction for other staff, and we aim to do it with minimum fuss. We have all the latest broadcast technology and equipment to make sure your valuable time will be as creatively productive as possible.


Cutting film strips, editing layers, sliders and audio waves

It’s now ‘in the can’! We take what you have given us and start editing and so the second stage of magic begins.

With your goals in mind, we also enrich the message with our editing software using extra imagery, graphics, and music. In time a first draft emerges. And it’s now back to you for the ‘first fitting’.

The film may then go and forth through several iterations until you are completely happy. When all is done, you finalise your payment, and the film is ready to go.