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What a party!

Creating a promotional film for such a versatile and unique product like the Mirror Pavilion was indeed a challenging but rewarding experience. The distinctiveness of the tent lies in its adaptability – it can transform into any theme, be it Art Deco, Persian, or Gothic, making it perfect for any occasion from bar mitzvahs to weddings.

Our team at Horse’s Mouth Media worked meticulously to encapsulate the charm and versatility of the Mirror Pavilion. We wanted to not just showcase its beauty, but also tell a compelling story that would captivate viewers and make them envision their own events in this stunning setting.

The process started with careful scripting and storyboarding. We had to ensure that the film highlighted all of the tent’s unique selling points while maintaining a captivating narrative. The result was a visually striking film that showcased the tent’s adaptable nature and its ability to don a new set of clothes every day.

We are proud of what we have achieved with this project. The promotional film successfully captured the essence of the Mirror Pavilion – its beauty, versatility, and transformative nature. It was a pleasure working with Bruern Events on this project, and we look forward to more collaborations in the future.