ADAM Architecture


Hugh Petter is a renowned architect in Classical design but also a partner at Adam Architecture. In a captivating conversation with Clive Aslett, he unveils the curtain of his awe-inspiring project at Trinity College, Oxford where he unveils his new antiquity inspired wing.

This four-minute watch, meticulously crafted by Horse’s Mouth, is not just an interview, but a journey into the intricate details and grandeur of architectural design. The script, delivered in pointers, was designed to guide our client and keep the audience engaged throughout. The video, shot with dynamic drone photography, captures the beauty of the surrounding area, adding a visual treat to the insightful conversation. While the actual interview lasted around thirty minutes, our adept editors have condensed it into short, succinct reels that retain all the curious insights. We’re delighted with the result, and it will be a fantastic steeping stone into bringing the world of architecture to life through film.