We coach the camera shy

to be camera bold

Who Are We?


Horse’s Mouth Productions is a boutique production company that identifies the personality of business owners. We coach the camera shy to be camera bold, and have developed a range of techniques for on-camera confidence with specialised presenter training. 

Image by Sam McGhee

Businesses are posting more and more videos online, however, the majority are failing in grabbing and holding the attention of their audience. Seeing endless hours of corporate video, we knew there had to be a better way.

There is compelling evidence that people buy from people, particularly founders, but so few have confidence to get in front of camera. Working with the people that drive your business, we assess your camera traits and help develop your unique presenting personality.

Once camera bold, the stories will flow. With Horse’s Mouth Productions, we will produce a video that can promote, persuade and educate, but above all will cut through the noise and succeed.

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